Do you want to make an investment in cryotherapy machines but are not sure whether to buy new or used? It’s an important decision, as the cost of a single machine can easily exceed five figures. Many factors come into play when weighing up your options such as warranty coverage, price, maintenance needs and dependability. In this blog post we’ll take a look at both types of machines so that you can make a well-informed purchasing decision for your business.

Cryotherapy has been making a comeback for the past 15 years – it’s now being offered as both wellness treatments and medical procedures. As interest grows, so does the market of used machines, which are now available across established retailers and also on popular auction sites like eBay!

Pre-owned Equipment

Used Cryo Saunas can offer attractive deals, but buyers should verify that these machines still meet the same high standards of performance found in a brand new model to ensure they’re getting the best value. Used Cryo Saunas may offer a more attractive price tag, but prospective buyers should thoroughly assess the machine to ensure it still meets the same performance standards as a brand new one. After all, no matter how good of a deal an older model may seem, it’ll never truly be worth it if it doesn’t provide a quality experience. Diligence is key; verify that the machine is up to par and that any replacement parts have been sourced from reputable providers. Taking these steps will help to ensure buyers are getting the best value from their used Cryo Sauna purchase!


We have been working in the cryotherapy industry for 10 years and have noticed a concerning trend in the lack of proper maintenance and repair services. Because without the correct dedication to proper upkeep, machines can deteriorate quickly and lead to costlier repairs and downtime. The challenge is that many who are operating these machines may not have either the experience or knowledge to properly maintain their equipment or like in many cases time due to running a clinic or a wellness spa.


Deciding to purchase a cryotherapy machine is an important decision, and it can become daunting if you aren’t sure where to begin or who to trust with such an investment. Luckily, buying a new cryotherapy machine directly from the manufacturer removes much of that stress – no need to worry about sub par quality machines or potential problems down the line. With more and more smaller companies entering the market, there’s an even higher need for caution, as these machines have not typically been put through rigorous tests and few know how they’ll perform over time. It’s worth doing the research and taking the time to make sure you’re investing in reliable and high-quality equipment.

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