Cryotherapy equipment can vary drastically in price, ranging from a few thousand to nearly three hundred grand. Electric options tend toward the higher range while those machines that run with liquid nitrogen (LN2) typically cost less. At least at the beginning.

  • Local Cryo Machines (electric and LN2 based) start at $10,000
  • Cryotherapy Saunas (LN2 based, with open ceiling) cost from $50,000 to $100,000
  • Nitrogen Cryo Chambers (fully enclosed) start at $75,000
  • Electric Cryotherapy Chambers start at $125,000

Long term costs

If you’re considering investing in a cryotherapy chamber or sauna, it’s important to factor in not only the cost of purchasing your equipment but also all associated running costs. Think about how much each treatment will be with nitrogen and for an electric unit – financial implications are just as critical as efficiency when making such investments and are parts of the machine costs!

Electric Cryo Chambers are designed to function 24/7, allowing you to calculate and consistent operating costs determined by basic power consumption figures. While the price of nitrogen may vary significantly based on your location – ranging from 30 cents to 2 dollars per liter – it is important that prior research be conducted – Check out our selection of high-quality, state-of-the-art electric cryotherapy chamber for sale. So it is wise to investigate local nitrogen providers and ask for estimates before committing.

Making a wise cryotherapy equipment purchase is all about understanding the long-term costs. We hope this post has provided some food for thought when it comes to considering how much you’ll pay over time and how much per treatment you will incur in expenses. Don’t forget to add other pros like convenience, maintenance, and ease of use to the equation. Browse our selection and find the perfect machine to fit your needs. Because investing in a cryotherapy machine isn’t just good for your body but also can be very lucrative in terms of business growth and development.

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