Our Services


Repair and General Maintenance


We have spent the last decade working with Cryotherapy Equipment manufacturers who have a presence in the US. We serviced and repaired machines on their behalf and even consulted these manufacturers on improvements and safety. We are confident we can troubleshoot, repair and maintain your machine with the highest industry standards.


Relocation / Moving


You are planning to move to a different location? Do you own equipment and have no idea how to move it? We will come on location, dissemble your equipment, pack it safely for transportation, and re-assemble everything at your new location.


Equipment Repair

Sometimes not an overall machine but people want to get Cryotherapy Equipment Repair services. Not everyone provides such services as parts of the machine are not easily available everywhere. So what to do now? No need to worry at all. Our services are here for you. We provide all types of machine equipment to work with. Just place your order to get the service done in less than no time. Choose any of the parts your machine requires each one of them is available further.

Cryotherapy is the most demanding procedure nowadays so that is why the problems with the machine are expected mostly. During the procedure or in between the service it is expected that any Cryo Chamber Services are needed. In case you have booked from us then it surely will make things easier for you. To be sure about all the procedures and disease control steps. Relay on things which are the basis of this ultimate useful procedure and you would be easy to go with. So far you can choose your service explorer from our site.


Equipment Install


You purchased Equipment that needs to be installed? Many customers buy pre-owned machines but do not know anything about setup and installation. We can help you prepare your office (or home) for the equipment in terms of the proper electrical setup, ventilation, and all safety precautions that are required.


Training and Operation


You want to learn how your machine really works? Do you want to learn about best practices to maintain your equipment to ensure maximum lifespan? We offer a thorough training and operation workshop that goes beyond the basic instructions manufactures offer.




Are you considering buying a Cryo Sauna? Or replacing your old model with a newer version? Due to our repair and maintenance service we have seen machines from every manufacturer out there. We know what problems the machines have and how they look after three, four, five years of usage. As an independent service provider we can offer you an honest and informative consultation.

Never hesitate to reach out and get your questions answered – We are here for you!