Nitrogen Cryotherapy Saunas and Chambers

Nitrogen Cryotherapy is a technology that has been around for almost fifty years, making it one of the most established and well-known Cryo equipment on the market today.
Nitrogen equipment has many advantages when considering it from a business standpoint such as the lower purchasing price when compared to electric machines. This initial financial benefit allows businesses to invest in other therapy equipment and local devices. Furthermore, due to the history of nitrogen operated engines, businesses can find used equipment in good condition, creating yet another level of financial benefit. Overall, choosing nitrogen equipment not only makes sense financially but also yields quality results when done properly.

Please Note

Buying random equipment, such as Cryotherapy machines, off eBay can seem like a great idea; but the quality of these items may be suspect and so it is best to know what you are buying before committing. It is wise to ask for advice from someone like us who has experience with the specific equipment in order to ascertain its condition. Consulting experts that have the knowledge and expertise to advise on different types of medical machines is preferably the way to go when making a purchase – not only for peace of mind, but also because it will likely be a better deal in terms of money spent over time. All things considered, reputable dealers are there to offer customers fantastic prices on quality equipment while also giving reliable advice with regards to its condition and maintenance.

Safety and Training

Though there are some safety precautions required when dealing with the nitrogen machine, and it does take extra time to properly connect the tanks to the Cryotherapy equipment, it is well worth the effort for those wishing to take advantage of the benefits of this type of therapy. Training your staff on how to handle the nitrogen machines correctly will ensure a safe working environment, thus allowing you to confidently use it in your practice. Additionally, once all safety requirements are met, using nitrogen Cryotherapy is easy and reliable.


Nitrogen Cryotherapy and the electric alternative are commonly debated, yet one clear advantage of Cryotherapy is the familiarity of the equipment. Over recent years, The JUKA cryosauna has become increasingly popular in many specialized Wellness clinics for its ease of use and low maintenance. The well known apparatus allows practitioners to offer their customers a safe, reliable and familiar service. This advantage can act as a powerful tool for drawing in more clients and building up momentum around this therapeutic modality.


To sum it up, Electric Cryotherapy and Nitrogen Cryotherapy both offer great benefits such as improved circulation, muscular recovery and better sleep. Electric is rapidly increasing its popularity due to marketing campaigns and convenience, but don’t forget that nitrogen cryotherapy equipment still offers the same results for a fraction of the cost. If you’re on budget, the old-school nitrogen cryotherapy sauna is the way to go – it may not have the bells and whistles but will get you just as much out of your session!

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Nitrogen operated Cryosaunas

Arctic Cryochamber

Starting At

Cabin Temperature

Operating Costs
about 17l per session

1 Person Chamber

Made in Poland

Cryomed Pro

Starting At

Cabin Temperature

Operating Costs
about 12l per Session

1 Person Cabin

Made in Ukraine

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