Historic Context

1978 proved to be a pivotal year for the world of physical therapy. That was the year Dr. Yamaguchi from Japan introduced WBC therapy, which uses freezing cold temperatures in brief and targeted sessions to combat traumas such as rheumatoid arthritis. The success rate for Dr. Yamaguchi’s method had impressive results, producing reliable and lasting treatment outcomes. Further investigations found that this approach caused a sudden release of endorphins and could therefore provide effective palliative results. Eventually purpose-built cryotherapy chambers were developed, leading to the widespread adoption of WBC for sports performance recovery and physical therapy across the world.

The Rise Of Nitrogen Cryotherapy

In the 1980s, Eastern Europe became a pioneer in the field of Cryotherapy, with Polish scientists adapting and developing a method based on Yamaguchi’s original approach that not only greatly expedited the recovery time post injury but also increased athletic performance. This trend quickly spread throughout other parts of the continent, leading to the opening of the Olympic Rehabilitation Center opened in Spala, Poland in 2000 which featured state-of-the-art Best Cryotherapy Machines for both athlete training and injury rehabilitation. Because of this long history with using Cryotherapy technology to its full potential, it is no surprise then that most manufacturers of nitrogen Cryotherapy Equipment are traditionally from Eastern European countries. This legacy was brought over to the United States in a big way when Doctor Jonas Kuehne, MD opened up the first US store offering Cryotherapy treatments for all kinds of ailments.

Nitrogen Cryosauna Manufacturers

  • Cryomed, Poland
  • CRYONiQ, Slovakia
  • CryoScience, Poland
  • Cryosene, Spain
  • Impact Cryotherapy, USA (does not exist anymore)
  • JUKA, Poland
  • Space Cabin, Poland

The World Is Turning Electric

Cryotherapy is gaining increased attention and big name refrigeration companies are taking notice. Many of these companies are now investing in the production of cryo equipment, allowing them to use their acquired technical knowledge and advanced technologies to improve the effectiveness of Cryotherapy. As a consequence of the expanding popularity, many manufacturers of Cryo Equipment are shifting their location reach to countries with more expertise in developing technology, rather than those primarily focused on manufacturing capabilities. This shift allows for a more specialized approach in producing quality equipment; further advancing Cryotherapy as an effective treatment method.

Electric Cryotherapy Chamber Manufacturers

  • Art of Cryo, Germany
  • Cryobuilt, USA
  • Mecotec, Germany
  • Zimno Tech, Poland


Despite the amazing benefits of Cryotherapy, it is no surprise that there are some poor quality manufacturers in this industry. Unfortunately, these black sheep attempt to sell low cost equipment that ultimately puts patients safety at risk. With over a decade of experience servicing and installing Cryotherapy Equipment, have gathered a high standard of knowledge when it comes to what to look for when choosing the best manufacturers. For that reason, we refuse to compromise on quality by identifying and avoiding any manufacturers who do not meet our strict guidelines.

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