The CRYO Arctic™ is designed to deliver easy, safe and effective whole body cryotherapy treatments in the industry. Built to ensure that a user never comes into direct contact with cryogenic gases, instead is exposed to breathable air. The superior technology used makes °CRYO Arctic™ one of the safest product on the market.

The Arctic Cryochamber is a sophisticated product that allows users to experience the holistic benefits of cryotherapy in modern comfort. What makes this chamber different is the adjustable window that opens up with just a touch of a button, giving clients the freedom to choose the level of intimacy and openness they are most comfortable with during their therapeutic session. As such, this chamber provides an innovative solution for those looking for an effective whole body cryotherapy treatment without having to compromise on convenience or design.

Repairs and service for the Cryoscience Arctic

If there’s ever an issue with your Arctic Cryotherapy Equipment, we are here for you. Just reach out to our service team and schedule an appointment; they will assess the problem, provide solutions and ensure a speedy repair. We can also help move the machine to a new location or assist with setup if you have purchased a used device. Our certified professionals stay up to date on the emerging technology within this advanced treatment, so you can rest assured that all maintenance will be handled professionally and skillfully.

Used Arctic Cryomachines

Before you make a used Cryoscience Arctic Cryo Chamber purchase, let us evaluate the device for you. Our team has the expertise to examine the equipment from top to bottom, ensuring that it passes our stringent criteria for safety and quality. With us at your side, you can trust that any used equipment you’re considering will be in great condition and ready for use when you receive it. Let us help you make sure that your investment is a good one – contact us today to get started.