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Each cryo machine is designed to meet specific needs, and the performance can vary depending on where it’s located and how you use it. With careful consideration of your environment as well as what tasks need completing, selecting an appropriate cryogenic system should be a breeze!

Where is the Cryotherapy Equipment installed?

How much space is available for the equipment (not including changing rooms).

Are you planning to move the equipment?

How much space is available for the equipment (not including changing rooms).

One of the most important question is how many customers you are expecting per day.


Need the perfect machine? Whether you know exactly what type of equipment is best suited for your needs, or would like us to provide our expert knowledge and select one that excels across all categories – we have got it covered.

Equipment Condition *
Due to our repair service we are in contact with different dealers and manufacturers.

Machine Type Preferences *
There’s a machine perfect for every task – don’t settle! Let us provide you with the rundown of all their unique advantages.

Cooling Method *
Deciding between liquid nitrogen and electricity for a project can feel like navigating an ongoing debate of pros vs. cons – but don’t be overwhelmed! A simple overview of nitrogen machines and electric cryochambers will help you choose the best method with confidence.


Securing an adequate budget for marketing and operations is the cornerstone of success. Kindly provide us with reliable projections, so we can help ensure a favorable outcome.

If you’re looking to finance a machine, there are several payment options available. From $750/month up to $3,000 over the course of five years – however, your ability to make an initial down-payment greatly influences which plan is best for you!

Let’s determine the optimal amount to put towards an initial down payment. Together, we’ll work out a budget that fulfills your financial goals while remaining reasonable

In order to get this new venture off the ground, we’ll help you make sound investments with your budget; from equipment and marketing expenses to staff salaries and rental fees.

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At our company, we’re passionate about providing top-notch customer service. Our support is always 100% so you can rest assured that your project needs will be carefully assessed by members of our expert team – no robots allowed! You won’t get any spams either – an assurance from us to you.

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